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Woodstock, NY


Gifted Matters 4 Kids is New York State's premiere service for gifted and twice-exceptional learners, developed and provided by Dr. Susan Paynter of Woodstock, NY, child advocate, award-winning educator, and nationally recognized expert on gifted learners.



Dedicated to enhancing the lives of gifted and twice-exceptional learners.

The official biography of Dr. Susan Paynter of Woodstock, NY, child advocate, award-winning educator and nationally recognized expert on gifted learners.

Dr. Susan Paynter became an advocate for her own gifted sons when a teacher told her that even though her eldest could read The New York Times, he had to stay in "the middle reading group" in first grade because of his "disorganized" reading workbook and "poor" handwriting.

That was 34 years ago. Since that time, she has published her gifted programming ideas in Gifted Child Today, directed a program for gifted students at Montclair University, and served as an Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction for the Kinnelon, NJ, and Livingston, NJ, School Districts, where she improved programming for gifted and twice-exceptional learners.  

Dr. Paynter has led schools as large as 10,000 students and as small as 60 students. In each setting she has focused on the importance of the unique abilities of every student.  

Early in her career, Dr. Paynter taught fifth grade and resource room in the Newton, NJ, Public Schools, where she was recognized as Teacher of the Year in 1987.  She taught gifted students in the Stillwater Township Schools and received awards as a school leader, the CSPAN Award for innovative use of public TV, and awards for original science and history curriculum. 

Dr. Paynter spent two years as Co-Director of Professional Development at the Rutgers Center for Effective School Practices, where she designed conferences and provided consulting services for a coalition of 70+ schools. She was the Founding Principal of a school dedicated to environmental sustainability where all students helped designed individualized programs.   

Dr. Paynter is a board member of TECA (Twice Exceptional Child Advocacy). She has served as a Vice President of the New Jersey Association of the Gifted.  Dr. Paynter has provided teacher and administrator training on educating and inspiring gifted students for public and private schools throughout New York and New Jersey. She also published a book on innovative schools.

Dr. Paynter received her Doctorate in Education from Seton Hall University, and has taught Curriculum and Differentiation courses for the Master’s Degree Program in Educational Administration at William Paterson University.

She will be the Interim Head of School at High Meadow School in Stone Ridge beginning in June. She will continue to provide services for the gifted offering assessment, enrichment and social thinking friendship groups at her home office in Woodstock, New York.