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Woodstock, NY


Gifted Matters 4 Kids is New York State's premiere service for gifted and twice-exceptional learners, developed and provided by Dr. Susan Paynter of Woodstock, NY, child advocate, award-winning educator, and nationally recognized expert on gifted learners.

Enrichment Summer Camp: Excavating Rome

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Enrichment Summer Camp: Excavating Rome

  • Gifted Matters 4 Kids Stone Ridge, NY USA (map)


Through week-long camps provided in association with High Meadow School in Stone Ridge, NY, Dr. Susan Paynter delivers an accelerated, inter-disciplinary, inquiry-based experience designed to meet the unique intellectual and social needs of gifted, twice-exceptional and high-potential students.         

This summer, give your child the opportunity to delve into topics of personal interest while engaging with other students who have similar abilities and passions.            


Date: Week of July 27, 2015
Time: 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Age: Grades 2-4

Discover a world underground as we dig our way to understanding some of the mysteries of Ancient Rome. We will utilize real archaeological methodology as we piece together artifacts on a simulated dig. We will mark potential dig sites and dig test pits. Next we will lay out excavation units and start from a datum point to measure the depth. As we uncover the past, we will decipher the art and architecture of this great civilization. We will reconstruct our own Roman arch from the ruins left behind and discover the engineering feat of building a concrete dam under water. When we piece together the missing sections of a mosaic we will begin to unravel the values and ideals of this important culture.