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Woodstock, NY


Gifted Matters 4 Kids is New York State's premiere service for gifted and twice-exceptional learners, developed and provided by Dr. Susan Paynter of Woodstock, NY, child advocate, award-winning educator, and nationally recognized expert on gifted learners.

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Dr. Susan Paynter's speaking engagements; meet-and-greets; workshops for kids and parents; and more.

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Smart Parenting for Smart Kids

Join us at the Barnabas in High Falls:

What do parents do if their child has all the potential but little of the drive; understands complex ideas but can’t seem to get organized; or reads above grade level but struggles to read the social cues of other kids? How do parents support a child with endless energy and interests? How do they keep their curious child challenged? How do parents encourage quality in their child’s schoolwork without exacerbating their perfectionism or their overly high expectations for themselves? 


We will be offering a parent discussion/support group to explore these questions and many others that will help parents to nurture the emotional development of high potential children, and provide a forum for parents to interact and learn from one another.