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Woodstock, NY


Gifted Matters 4 Kids is New York State's premiere service for gifted and twice-exceptional learners, developed and provided by Dr. Susan Paynter of Woodstock, NY, child advocate, award-winning educator, and nationally recognized expert on gifted learners.

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IEP Development

Schools provide individualized education plans for special needs students, but it is often assumed that gifted students can thrive without any special programming. Dr. Susan Paynter collaborates with educational personnel and parents to create personalized learning plans, known as Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), based on the unique gifts of each child.

The development of gifted children is almost always uneven, so Dr. Paynter works with parents and educators to develop and incorporate into each plan those strategies that will provide support for any deficit area(s).


Personalized Action PlanS

Parents work collaboratively with Dr. Paynter to design a set of strategic goals that provide opportunities and resources for developing areas of strength and overcoming obstacles. Dr. Paynter also asks each student to take an interest inventory, as well as a diagnostic test for aptitude and achievement. Key goals are developed and back-mapped with specific benchmarks and intermediary steps for goal acquisition.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Dr. Paynter uses short-term, goal-oriented meetings that focus on reaching aspirations. She helps parents construct a road map — and breaks it down into manageable tasks that can be completed within a reasonable time frame. 

Dr. Paynter's Coaching Sessions focus on numerous areas of development, including:

  • Hypersensitivity
  • Managing Perfectionism
  • Navigating and Eliminating Boredom in the Classroom
  • Organizational Strategies to Bring Gifts to Life
  • Challenging and Inspiring an Insatiable Learner 

Phone and email contact between meetings is included.  

Dr. Paynter knows gifted, twice-exceptional children, and their parents.