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Woodstock, NY


Gifted Matters 4 Kids is New York State's premiere service for gifted and twice-exceptional learners, developed and provided by Dr. Susan Paynter of Woodstock, NY, child advocate, award-winning educator, and nationally recognized expert on gifted learners.

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PTO and Community Workshops

Dr. Susan Paynter — child advocate, award-winning educator and nationally recognized expert on gifted, twice-exceptional students — speaks on a variety of topics in hands-on workshops and lectures for school PTAs/PTOs and communities.

Interactive, lively workshops include hands-on experience. All topics presented as a Community Service at NO charge.

Topics Include:

Is Gifted a Dirty Word?                                                                                   
How the Common Core, Societal Prejudice and Guilt impact our brightest children.

A New Kind of Mind:                                                                   
What Kids need to Know to be Successful in 2015 and beyond.

Is My Child Gifted...                                                                     
Even Though She is Disorganized and Loses Her Homework?

Living with Intensity:                                                                   
The Social and Emotional Side of Being Gifted.

ADHD or Just Smart and Enthusiastic?

Frozen by Perfectionism...
And What to Do About It.

How can my child be so smart but have trouble spelling and reading?

The Friend Formula:
Book Smart but Not Friend Smart?

What the Heck is Differentiation?
And Does it Really Help All Kids?